Q.  How do I install my presets?

A. Instructions for installing our presets are included with every purchase.  We’ve made it really straight forward and provided links to instructional videos.  You can view these here:

a) Installing Lightroom presets on a PC

b) Installing presets on a MAC

Q. How do I install my brushes?

A. Brushes are installed in the same manner as presets.  Where presets are uploaded to the “Develop Presets” folder, brushes are uploaded to the “Local Adjustment Presets”.

See this link for Step-by-Step instructions on installing brushes.

Q. How do I install my export presets?

A. Export presets are installed in the same manner as brushes and develop presets.  Where presets are uploaded to the “Develop Presets” folder, brushes uploaded to the “Local Adjustment Presets”, export presets are installed into the “Export Presets” folder.

Q. Do your presets work on RAW and JPEC photographs?

A. Yes.  There is very little difference between applying the preset on RAW and JPEG images.  The main difference is where the JPEG is of low resolution or quality.  If this is the case, then the preset effect will be more visible.  So as long as you work with hi-resolution  JPEG’s you will be just fine.

Q. How do I back-up my presets?  I’d like to change computer.

A. Simply copy the Develop Presets, Local Adjustment Presets and Export Preset folder [see above video for the location of these folders] and put them on CD/Memory Stick.  You can then add them again on your new computer.  Viola!

Q. Do you have presets that will work in Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 3?

A. All of our presets have been tested in Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4.  We have fine tuned them in Lightroom 4 using the Lightroom 3 process engine.  There is no need to update the process engine to LR4 as only then will you notice subtle changes as both engines deal with settings slightly differently.  Where a preset will only work in correctly in LR4, we have appended ‘LR4′ to the preset name.  Don’t worry, there are only a handful of such presets.  Within the Essential Workflow Collection, we actually provide both LR3 and LR4 collections to ensure you have presets which work for you.

Q. Are all of your downloads instant?  Do I receive anything in the post/mail?

A. Yes, all of our downloads are instant.  As soon as you purchase the products they will be sent to your paypal email address. You can download them and start using them right away!  There is no wait on any of our products. There is no physical postbox or mail delivery.

If you have more specific questions about Lightroom 3 or 4 or our presets, please contact us.