About Us

Since a very young age I’ve been tinkering around with cameras and all things photography related.  With the advent of DSLR’s, mobile phones and sites like Instagram, photography has has become more creative then ever.

I was an early adopter of Adobe Lightroom, back in 2008, with Lightroom 2.0.  It was leaps ahead of everything else and made photo correction, enhancement and adjustments a lot simpler.  Since then lightroom has evolved into an application which most photographers use on a regular basis.  Any photo worthy of public display passes through lightroom.

With the advent of DSLR’s, I was taking more and more photos.  The only restriction was memory on computer and camera.  It was taking a lot of time updating and editing the many hundreds of photos.  When I became a dad, I started to look into trying to reduce my workflow time.  Initially I started with import and export presets.  These saved a lot of time, especially for repeated actions.  I then began to look at developer lightroom presets.  This is where it became really exciting.

Nearly all photos require some level of corrections, usually white balance, exposure and simple vignetting. The usual operations were all saved as presets and I was amazed how quickly the list grew but this enabled me to reduce my photo editing workflow tenfold.  Over time, I had tweaked and fine tuned hundreds of developer and effect presets.  Time is precious and so are photos so I’ve carefully picked out the most beneficial and my favourites to help you spend more time on taking snaps and producing stunning images quickly and efficiently.

It’s really fulfilling to know that so many are benefiting from the presets already.  That’s why I encourage all to join our new Practical Photo Facebook Page to see how our presets are being used.  Our Lightroom Preset Collections can be viewed within our Lightroom Preset Shop.  These have been packaged such that there is something for everybody.  I really hope you enjoy them and please do let me have your feedback over at our new Practical Photo Facebook page.

Keep in touch and enjoy!